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Deliberating if you can rely on your furnace to pull through the cold months in Lexington-Fayette is not the best way to ensure a warm and happy winter. It’s not exciting to deal with a worn-out furnace or worry about future furnace repairs – so instead of expecting your furnace to stop after a large snowfall, let the team at Thornberry Bros Inc and their services guarantee that your furnace is operating at peak performance this season.

Our experts at Thornberry Bros Inc can resolve any problem. They are NATE-certified and skilled to confront a variety of furnace troubles. They have seen almost everything and have a great overall knowledge of how to resolve even the strangest of complications – and for any brand. That’s right, we can provide repairs regardless of your furnace’s make or model! But our experts also understand that they do their finest work when annual service is done and repairs are made in a timely fashion. Thornberry Bros Inc’s experts provide fast and efficient furnace repair in Lexington-Fayette that will leave you in tremendous hands for the upcoming colder months.

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Here are some things to contemplate when you’re choosing between furnace repair or furnace replacement:

furnace repair furnace repair
Spotty heating: systems that are wrongly sealed lead to uneven heating, therefore lowering energy efficiency and increasing costs. Loud noises: when a system is wrongly sized, it can make the furnace run in continuous cycling, which can be noisy and can harm the system long-term.
furnace repair furnace repair reduces energy bills
Continuous maintenance: furnaces may need more care the older they get, but there is also a point when too much maintenance no longer makes sense and replacement may be required. Energy expenses: new technologies make today’s furnace systems extra energy efficient. If you know that your system is old or out of date, new system replacement can save you more money in the end.

Wondering how long your furnace will endure is the ancient and all important uncertainty for any furnace owners. While there is no one answer to the question, as each furnace and home environment is different, there are a few industry-wide tips that are relied on:

  • If your furnace repair costs are calculated at around 50% of the furnace’s cost, it’s time to replace it.
  • Furnaces over 12-years-old have a much bigger risk of facing recurrent issues, big or small.

During maintenance and examinations, Thornberry Bros Inc will do a detailed check to see if it is recommended to do a full replacement or not. Either way, our specialists are willing to enhance your furnace or just do easy repairs. It should be noted that newer furnaces do have superior technological advances that perform at greater energy efficiency, and offer lower costs and quieter operation. To best understand what might be ideal for your furnace, a new HVAC system or an emergency repair, contact our professionals at Thornberry Bros Inc here in Winchester online or via phone at 859-414-0596 to deliberate options and schedule an appointment today.

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