Your HVAC system is essential to your home comfort and plays a major role in your daily life. It’s important to find a reputable company in Winchester, KY to take care of your system so that your system can take care of you. That’s where Thornberry Bros comes in. We are here to maintain your system all year long so you can rely on it when the summer shows up. 

On average, the lifespan of an HVAC system ranges between 15 and 20 years. However, every system is different, and above all, how well you maintain your unit will influence how long it lasts. Considering your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, it pays to invest in maintenance.

If you perform absolutely no air conditioning maintenance on your system, you will drastically decrease its lifespan. Air conditioning systems in Winchester, KY that receive no maintenance typically have a lifespan of just 10 years or sometimes even less. On the other hand, if you provide annual air conditioning maintenance to your system, your air conditioner may last well beyond 20 years.

Benefits of AC Maintenance 

Regular maintenance ensures that your HVAC system keeps running at peak performance and means you can be comfortable in your own home. The benefits of regular maintenance include: 

Dependable Operations: Regular maintenance eases any uncertainties or problems you have. This ensures you can depend on your system throughout the full season without worry of breakdowns or repairs. 

  • Ending Emergency Repairs: Emergency repairs are inconvenient and expensive. Regular maintenance checks all areas of your system before anything goes wrong to lessen your chances for unexpected repairs, breakdowns or disasters.
  • Saving Money: We make sure that every filter, fan, and electrical connection is working at its best in your unit. By keeping everything clean and efficient, it reduces the energy it requires to run, which saves you money all season long.
  • Maintaining Your Warranty: Some manufacturers require that you use trained specialists for regular air conditioner maintenance to keep your system’s warranty valid. The experts at Thornberry Bros Inc know how to navigate these warranties and keep you in your contract.
  • Safety: Your air conditioner uses components that can be hazardous if not handled and used properly. Regular maintenance ensures that those components are all operational and safe to use in your home.
  • Increase Airflow: Airflow is one of the biggest culprits of wasted energy in your HVAC system. By checking your vents for proper airflow and ensuring there aren’t any obstructions, we ensure that you have the best efficiency possible.

Making your air conditioner care a priority before the season starts is the best step to prepare your home and your family to live comfortably all through the year. 

Routine maintenance plans are a critical component for any household. Thornberry Bros makes it easy and goes further than any other HVAC professional in the area. We make sure that we don’t just correct the problem, but ensure your home is more comfortable and reliable than ever before. 

At Thornberry Bros, we offer superior air conditioning products and services, designed to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank. If you’re in need of quality air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance services in Winchester, KY or the surrounding areas, contact us today!

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